About US

Abreu Enterprises have marked the kitchen and bathroom remodeling industry with hassle-free, premium quality and cost-efficient services in Sacramento. Since our genesis in 1982, we have catered to thousands of customers with our best in class services at surprisingly affordable rates.

At Abreu Enterprises in Sacramento, our contractors plan and supervise a variety of construction projects, such as kitchen remodeling, plumbing, painting, paving, etc. We make sure that everything is correctly planned and managed to enhance the value of all your requirements. In Sacramento, we provide a broad range of services including kitchen remodeling, bathroom remodeling, painting services, electrical services, flooring services, tiling services, garden fencing, plumbing services, patio designs and much more. Our contractors and workers are highly qualified and experienced to handle complex construction effectively. We train our staff of skilled experts to be patient, diligent and innovative in all their work. With state of the art tools and latest gadgets, we fulfill your dreams in your desired budget. We ensure prompt cleanup of garbage and construction waste from the site regularly so that it does not become a health and safety hazard.

Our supervisors are educated with all the security and safety measures needed at the site, and we keep a rigorous check that all the safety measures are followed. We give you the best in quality kitchen and bathroom remodeling while ensuring that all quality checks are made regarding the material used. Our equipment and vehicles are the latest in the market, and we always ensure that they are kept well maintained.